Located north of Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park is the spellbinding Falls of Falloch, a truly whimsical waterfall flowing towards Loch Lomond. At 30 feet high it is majestic in its grandeur, watch the fresh-water cascade down the coal-like rocks and listen to the peaceful sound of water steadily flowing and reaching a thunderous crescendo.

The perfect backdrop for a romantic picnic, Falls of Falloch is 7km south-west of Crianlarich and a highly popular place of interest on the West Highland Way. Hidden amongst dense, lush foliage, it can be easily heard before its beauty is seen.

You can experience the Falls of Falloch at close range within the “Woven Sound” viewpoint. Designed by John Kennedy in 2013, this viewpoint is a canopy structure woven from steel rods, providing shelter from the elements, whilst providing a closer view of the falls, yet not detracting from the beauty of the scenery.

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